Hazel Lush

Marketing Manager


As Senior Marketing Manager, Hazel manages the Marketing and Accounts team, coordinates integrating marketing strategies and directs the development of Gapsquare’s content and communications campaigns. Now a CIM qualified marketing professional, Hazel has had a rich career, spanning the charity sector and also working as an Assistant Director of Studies in English, in Foreign Language schools. Having worked in a range of countries, such as Sierra Leone, Austria, Spain and Slovenia, as well as working with refugees and asylum seekers, has given her a strong sense of social justice and a penchant for recognising and facilitating talent. 

Hazel believes that, as a huge portion of our lives, work should reflect and embrace out differences and recognise our potential. She wants to see workplaces that understand that for generations to come.

Hazel is the best person to contact for:

  • Partnership & collaborative marketing work
  • Producing content on behalf of Gapsquare for your publication
  • Connecting with our brand if you are a designer, filmmaker or creative
  • Flexible working for employers
  • Events attendance and speaking opportunities for Gapsquare’s leading representatives


  • Workplace Diversity and Inclusion
  • Digital Marketing
  • Leading workshops and events
  • Strategic marketing and leadership