Sian Webb

VP Partnerships & Growth


As VP Partnerships & Growth at Gapsquare, Sian builds strong customer and partner relationships and specialises in fair pay consulting services and support. Her expertise spans HR analytics, fair pay, workforce management and diversity & inclusion. She’s been supporting clients in Tokyo, Delhi through Europe, the US and Latin America across numerous sectors; technology, media, legal, not for profit, public and private.

Sian is passionate about equality and social justice. With a background in women’s rights and a masters in Gender and International Relations, Sian is driven by the desire to quicken the pace of change and make the world a fairer one for the generations that follow.


  • Business development, sales and account management 
  • Consulting services and support
  • Work in Europe, Northern American, South America and Asia 
  • Legal, tech and media sectors
  • Public speaking and events