Dr. Zara Nanu

CEO & Co-Founder


Dr. Zara Nanu is a powerful advocate for workplace gender equality and wider fair pay. Starting her career combatting human trafficking and campaigning on women’s rights issues, Zara is now at the forefront of the push for technology to build more inclusive workplaces. As the CEO of Gapsquare, which offers expansive diversity and equality data intelligence & report generation, Zara is utilising data-science and AI to reimagine the future of work. 

Zara is an unstoppable campaigner around building technology-led workplaces with inclusivity at their core. Using her expertise Zara can be seen speaking at international events, sharing her ideas with the OECD and through her recent TED talk as well as within a range of reports & publications. Zara believes in putting the power and responsibility of equality and diversity in the hands of employers. 


  • Workplace Diversity & Inclusion
  • Inclusive leadership practices
  • Public speaking and events