EBook: Supporting People of Colour at Work

A Downloadable Guide of Key Action to Improve Representation and Tackle the Ethnicity Pay Gap

With increased demand for better representation at work, and pressure on the UK Government to implement mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting, now is a real opportunity to create real lasting change.

This downloadable resource lists tangible actions to tackle your ethnicity pay gap, from refining your recruitment processes, to improving data collection and disclosure rates. We’ve analysed the ethnicity pay gap reports of major UK companies, to provide you with some great best practice actions and next steps.

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What’s inside?

Pay equality can’t wait any longer. This downloadable categorises and lists actions to take to improve representation and close ethnicity pay gaps in your company. We’ve included best practice examples from industry leaders, and the best next steps to take if you want to build fairness into your workplace.

Why it matters

Transparency – Build a sense of honesty and a feeling of support amongst BAME employees by following our recommended actions

Loyalty & trust – Ensure all your employees feel they are valued and are considered in decision making, and attract the next generation of employees who care about diversity

Representation – By building a workforce that better represents society, you’ll have ideas and innovations which benefit society too

Financial gain – McKinsey (2020) found that more ethnically diverse companies are 36% more likely to financially outperform those who aren’t

Innovation – Distinguish yourself as an employer who cares and who does the right thing, improve reputation and encourage collaborative innovation

Where to go next

Gapsquare specialise in fair pay, pay analysis and workplace diversity and inclusion practices. Our flagship self-use software, Fairpay Pro, is able to calculate your ethnicity pay gap instantly, giving you the time to focus on implement the strategies and and actions which matter.

You can also find some useful resources surrounding ethnicity pay gap analysis and fairer workplaces for BAME employees.

You can also get in touch if you have any questions or concerns around building diversity and inclusion into your company, or the wider fair pay agenda at hello@gapsquare.com

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