An Evolving Journey to Fair Pay

Gapsquare™ Workforce Planner

Be future focused. Build a fairer world of work

Closing inclusion and equity gaps in the context of huge global change is a challenge. Gapsquare’s workforce planner enables you to customise scenarios to understand exactly how to achieve fair pay and representation.

Understand where your pay gaps are but need help knowing how to close them? We’re delighted to release our add-on module: The Gapsquare™ Workforce Planner, enabling you to customise scenarios that will help you achieve fair pay, your way.

Predict how changes to representation, pay or workforce makeup will impact your overall pay gap. Understand the most effective steps you can take to reach your targets.

Our workforce planner enables you to:

Predict the impact to your workforce and pay gap for better decision making

Accurately predict how quickly you can hit diversity targets

Quickly build scenarios that are tailored for your company, your people and your pay and grade structures

Know the impact of new hires, leavers, pay and promotion reviews in terms of workplace equity

Set realistic, achievable goals – know exactly what to do to achieve them

Struggling to see improvement? Work out how to see results

On its way

Trend Analysis

Look at your gaps across time to track improvement and communicate change. Understand trends in representation and focus on how your hard work is creating fairness at work.

Benchmarking Analysis

See how your figures compare to benchmarking data, across industry, region and country. Target change and keep ahead of the curve with these insights.

Interested in leading on the fair pay agenda?

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