Covid 19: The Best Resources for HR & Workforce Management

Note: This article was updated on 27 March 2020. Because the COVID-19 situation is dynamic, with new governmental measures each day, employers should have a look at the latest developments on the UK Gov’s website or get in touch with us to make the most informed decisions, though we will do our best to update this list frequently.

It’s an unusual time to be alive, no doubt. But we at Gapsquare are finding a renewed sense of connectivity, community, and solidarity in our working lives – there’s a sense that together, we can push through this, learn from one another and inspire positive change. We’re also seeing lots of fantastic organisations and individuals taking proactive steps to mitigate workforce and financial damage, and even more great resources with advice and tips to help businesses succeed in this bewildering time.

So we’re joining in. We’ve compiled our favourite resources, covering everything from planning for workforce changes, to financial implications, to how to be a strong and successful leader – take note!

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1) Leadership

5 Tips for Leading a Team through Coronavirus – Forbes

From offering certainty to thinking ahead, this piece shows how to lead by example in the Coronavirus Crisis.

Coronavirus Response: People First, Economics Second – John Bersin

This piece puts focus on people – learn how to maximum productivity whilst caring about leadership, values and employees.

2) Workforce Planning

Covid-19: Workforce Management and Remote Working for SMEs – KPMG

Offering advice on workforce management during the crisis, this piece by KPMG provides solutions to rapidly increase cashflow and shows you how to communicate with and manage teams remotely.

Coronavirus – Leading through a Crisis – McKinsey

Intending to provide business leaders with a perspective on the evolving situation and implications for their companies, these briefing notes by McKinsey cover the present situation, sector-specific impact, and planning and managing COVID-19 response – with easy to understand graphics and more. This focus on financial could be what you need.

People Analytics for Measuring the Impact of Coronavirus – One Model

This article looks at the types of questions and types of data that leaders will need to plan most effectively for workforce changes.

3) HR

10 Questions for an HR Pandemic Plan – Gartner

This piece by Gartner looks at the ways to make effective crisis management plans in HR. It provides 10 great questions to think about in order to best team productivity.

Covid-19: Resources for HR and People Analytics – David Green

David Green – the director of Insight222 and myHRFututre – has compiled a list of the best resources for HR and People Analytics, after a philosophical musing on how the virus has affected working so far.

4) Remote Work

9 Tips for working from Home to Stay Healthy and Productive – Readdle

Want to get the most out of your hours in the home office? Check out these handy tips.

Remote Working When You’re Not a Remote Team – Medium

This piece covers how to best plan for remote working, from the employers perspective.

5) Legal

Coronavirus – Preserving your legal position in adversity– Osborne Clarke

Our client and partner Osborne Clarke covers the complexities of employment law compliance at the moment.

Coronavirus – What Employers Need to Know About Sunak’s worker rescue plan – Financial Times

Hadn’t heard of ‘furlough’ until last week? This helpful article tells employers what they need to know about recent UK measures.

6) Company Communications

The Coronavirus Crisis Doesn’t Have to Lead to Layoffs – Harvard Business Review

This reassuring article looks at how leaders can improve their comms and avoid mass redundancies.

Don’t Hide Bad News in Times of Crisis – Harvard Business Review

In another great piece of content by the Harvard Business Review, this piece covers the important of transparency and honesty from top levels downwards.

We care about you! Get in touch to let us know about any good resources you’ve found, or if this list lacked anything else you want to read about!

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