Risk to Resilience Consultancy

A Tailored Support Package to Maintain Resilience in Times of Change
Our Risk to Resilience Consultancy prepares your company for the post-crisis period, taking into account a much broader and more inclusivity-focused look at your workforce. 
This package will review how your organisation has adapted its organisational operations and continue to do so in a way that builds resilience with people and maintains essential diversity within your workforce.
Broad analysis of issues identified throughout the Gapsquare Workforce Management in Crisis: Covid-19 Dashboard will be analysed, researched and a report will be developed. 

We can support you with:

Adapting Organisations Operations

Research shows improved employee satisfaction after reskilling efforts, which can be predictive of improved business performance.

Technological Business Changes

Companies benefit from thinking inclusively about technological changes, building a workforce that is braced for new and innovative ways to work. On the flip side, increased technology investment could leave behind members of the workforce and heighten pre-existing racial/gender disparities.

Evaluation Redundancy Handling

Research shows investing in the workforce is a major business opportunity. Treatment of employees can greatly affect brand reputation, workforce and customer loyalty – all essential during times of reduced demand. 

Supporting Remote Working

Team communication can improve employee motivation, productivity and inclusion, leading to better innovation and team dynamics. A hybrid remote/on-site model could offer greater access to talent, lower costs and more flexibility to allow for an inclusive workforce. 

Returning to the Workplace

Addressing and reassuring workforce concerns should help alleviate effects on productivity.

Caring for workforce welfare can improve brand reputation and trust. Taking action now can prepare for future crisis i.e. further infection waves.

Compensation Management / Review

Multiple studies have shown that the right kind of recognition is the most important motivator at work. Identifying which reward elements are essential can help save money while continuing to maintain trust and loyalty with employees. 

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