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People Analytics for Inclusive Employers

Fair Reward and Compensation – Pay

Pay and reward are at the crux of employee retention and satisfaction. Employees that feel they are being paid unfairly are more likely to leave, disengage, or experience low productivity.

Generate salary models that are fair and inclusive 

Elect the appropriate metrics for demonstrating your commitment to diversity and inclusion

Analyse comprehensive insights into pay equity and pay gaps (gender, ethnicity, seniority etc)

Resilient Talent: The Employee Experience – People

Resilient Talent: The Employee Experience – People

Keeping employees content, active and engaged is crucially important. Consider your pain points around employee management, and how you can make decisions going forward that are simple, time efficient and inclusivity considerate with our expert team.

  Build a community around D&I change

  Understand unique employee wellbeing needs at your organisation

Manage and measure ‘blended working’ – making teams feel like teams within a remote/in-office context

Implement family policies that are right for your teams



Building Inclusive Organisations – Policy

Our teams have over a decade of experience turning around inclusive policies and practices that are underperforming. We believe data and monitoring can help you hone what works and move beyond what does not. 

  Build/measure policy success, reprioritising diversity and inclusion

  Minimise time waste for HR teams / diversity & inclusion teams through data intelligence

  Analyse redundancy / inclusion risk  – what will your company look like in diversity terms after redundancies are made?

Hybrid Working Health Check

A shift to long-term hybrid working is an opportunity to build policies correctly. How does the ‘new normal’ actually work in practice?

In collaboration with our flexible working consultant, the Hybrid Working Health Check assesses the effectiveness of your hybrid working policies, guidelines and comms. Targeted advice and actions means you’ll be able to plan, implement and review effective strategies for a happy, healthy and productive workforce.

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