A Post-Covid Working World:

Check in with employees with this downloadable survey

The world of work has changed, and will continue changing, beyond belief.

Keep up to date with your employees by sending this quick and customisable survey. Understand your staff and make decisions which support them, improve trust and help your business thrive.

The survey collects information on:

  • Personal situation & care responsibilities
  • Work going forward: flexible working, remote and ‘on site’ working
  • Adjustments past the covid crisis
  • Wellbeing, both physical and mental
  • Support – how supported and encouraged employees feel
Download the Survey

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Interested specifically in flexible working and supporting working parents? We have a survey for that too!

What’s inside?

Now that most of us lucky enough to work from home have adjusted to the changes, and some of us are looking at the prospect of returning to the workplace soon, this survey looks more into the future of a different world of work. It asks employees to reflect on their new way of working, looking across wellbeing, support, challenges and opportunities for growth. Check in with your employees and make sure needs are being met on both ends.

Why it matters

Transparency – Build a sense of honesty between employees and employers, and visa versa

Communication – Continue to listen to your employees, as situations being to change

Loyalty & trust – Ensure your employees feel their are valued and that their circumstances are considered in decision making

Representation – Guarantee that decisions are made with employees in mind, considering all types of people and acknowledging their individual needs

Innovation – Distinguish yourself as an employer who cares and who does the right thing, improve reputation and encourage collaborative innovation

Where to go next

We have developed a insights dashboard, which allows you to contextualise the actions your company is making to mitigate damage during Covid-19.

We are also offering a pay what you can data and consultancy package to help workforces come out of the crisis strong and always putting their employees first.

You can also get in touch if you have any questions or concerns around managing workforces during a crisis, or the wider fair pay agenda.