COVID-19 Workforce Management Questionnaire

Share your company experience of this challenging period, benefit from insights from hundreds of others

Thank you for joining us to learn more about the Covid Workforce Management data sharing project.

Gapsquare have launched #COVIDWorkforceManagement to help us build a full picture of our current environment, and make intelligent and fair decisions as employers. Complete this simple survey and be part of & gain access to our dashboard of insights showing live changes to the workforce as a result of #COVID19.

The Aim of This Project

Collectively, we can use this dashboard to see how we can re-shape our workplace for a better fairer future for all companies and their employees.

By answering a few simple, and completely anonymous questions around your approach and ongoing work within the context of Covid you will be contributing to global insights that can help us all deal with this better and recover more quickly.

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Painting a Picture – The Covid Workforce Management Dashboard

Insights and trends by sector, geographic location and predictions on how this will change over time – well past the time of the crisis. The dashboard also holds a collection of resources that leadership teams around the world have found useful in managing teams in times of crisis.

By completing this survey you will gain access to the dashboard.

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