Empowering Young Talent in the Covid Economy

Young People are Experiencing Unprecedented Times

As companies turn to recruiting young people as part of the ‘Kickstarter’ scheme, we believe that a nudge in the direction of inclusive practices is needed. Sometimes in times of crisis we act without process, decide without thought and back-steps can be inevitable. Don’t just recruit young people at this time, do so inclusively.

Through this collaborative guide we can ensure businesses are able to use a wide range of expertise to shift the paradigm on diversity and inclusion at work for an entire generation. This will include the wider aspects of diversity and inclusion, but specifically relating to young people. 

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What’s Inside

A simple summary of best practice approaches to recruiting, retaining and developing young people during this time. It’s never been more important to make the right decisions for young people’s progression at work. Together these expert organisations have offered you simple, accessible advice for embracing the new generation of talent.


Who we are
Key definitions
What is happening now for young people? 
  • Young people
  • Young women
  • Young people of colour

How do we define quality jobs?

What is Fair Pay? 

What is fair, unbiased recruitment? 

Want help getting where you need to be?

We offer a range of support.

Fair Reward & Compensation – Pay

Pay and reward are at the crux of employee retention and satisfaction. Employees that feel they are being paid unfairly are more likely to leave, disengage, or experience low productivity. 

Right now we need to be developing clear pay policies with fairness in mind, and, crucially, communicating these.

There is no single organisation with more experience of managing fair pay than Gapsquare – please get in touch if you are managing fair and inclusive pay practices.

Resilient Talent – People

Keeping employees content, active and engaged at this time of budget costs is crucial.

Talk to us today to consider your pain points around employee management, wellbeing and culture and how you can make decisions going forward that are simple, time efficient and inclusivity considerate.

Our clients have used our resilient talent services to build a community around D&I change, understand unique employee wellbeing needs, outline the best and most considerate ways of collecting and managing data around productivity and much more.

Inclusive Organisations – Policy

Great policy must be embraced by leadership. Gapsquare supports the development of inclusive policies which are actioned, driven forward and show measurable success.

We believe data and monitoring can help you hone what works and move beyond what does not. Our teams have over a decade of experience turning around inclusive policies and practices that are underperforming.

This consultancy package offers you access to the incredible knowledge and experience of our experts and provides you with sustainable inclusivity in your organisation.

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