EBook: Getting Started with Ethnicity Pay Gap Analysis

A Downloadable Guide for Improving Disclosure Rates, Data Collection and Analysis

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We’ve seen a real push for companies to nurture inclusive workplaces for People of Colour, and calculating, reporting and closing Ethnicity Pay Gaps is just one of the weapons in the armoury. In June 2020, a petition for mandatory Ethnicity Pay Gap reporting in the UK received over 100,000 signatures.

The time to act is now. Improving representation for People of Colour at work, fostering an inclusive environment, and measuring and ending Ethnicity Pay Gaps are essential to building a fairer world of work. This paper sets out how to improve disclosure rates, the data you need to collect, and the next steps to Ethnicity Pay Gap analysis.

Interested in support for expert ethnicity pay gap collection, analysis and actions to improve?

Only 36% of employers collect ethnicity data 

This number jumps to 60% for companies with over 250 employees, according to the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

What’s inside?

Why it Matters – Why calculating your Ethnicity Pay Gaps can’t wait

Improving Disclosure – Six tips and advice for meaningful staff engagement for data collection

Data Collection – Best practice for data collection, based on the size of your organisation

Data Analysis – The most effective calculations for real understanding of your workforce

Next Steps – Getting started today

54% of respondents thought their ethnicity data would be used against them

according to the McGregor-Smith Review. Other reasons mentioned were that respondents did not see the value in disclosing information (13%) or thought it was too time consuming (11%).

About the Writer

This paper was drafted by Patrick Alleyne, the Human Resources Reward and Operations Manager at the Greater London Authority. Patrick is highly skilled in change management and HR metrics, including reporting and analysis for ethnicity and gender pay gap analysis.

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Ebook: Getting Started with Ethnicity Pay Gap Analysis

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