Fair Pay and Compensation

Fair pay and compensation are essential to a happy, productive and inclusive workforce.
Gapsquare specialise in all things fair pay, from pay gaps, to fair reward structures, to financial planning – all with a focus on diversity and inclusion.
There are many journeys to fair pay:

Analysis Software

Advanced self-use software to allow organisations to look at:

  • Gender and ethnicity pay gap analysis and reporting
  • Equal pay audits
  • Comparatio analysis and global pay audits
  • Executive pay ratios
  • Reward and compensation analysis
  • Wider fair pay analysis


Bespoke consultancy to support with:

  • Understanding your people and pay data
  • Larger scale pay analysis and equal pay audits
  • Reviewing your pay and reward with a focus on fair pay
  • Building diversity and inclusion initiatives to support fair pay
  • Electing appropriate metrics for demonstrating your commitment to diversity and inclusion


Our research projects can cover:

  • Qualitative research and data analysis around employee / organisational attitudes to pay
  • Diversity and inclusion impacts of pay structures
  • Sector-specific trend analysis

Interested in supporting fair pay in your organisation?

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