Fast-Track Gender Pay Gap

A Complete Package for GPG Reporting during Covid

COVID-19 has led to a unique year for gender pay gap reporting. With changes to the UK legislation for the 2021 deadline, and reporting suspended in 2020, many companies expect to see vastly different numbers. This requires accuracy and excellent comms, and that’s where we can help.

Gapsquare™ from XpertHR® and GenAnalytics are offering a unique package that will answer all your questions and meet your goals around the gender pay gap, supporting you in moving forward and progressing, despite the difficult circumstances.

Gapsquare™ are leaders in the field of people analytics within the equality space. GenAnalytics are specialists in the area of equalities and workplace diversity consultancy and communications.

Together we are providing an all-encompassing service, streamlining your gender pay reporting and efforts to create change.

How we can help
  • Calculating your gender pay gap for you – We calculate your pay gap headline figures in compliance with gender pay gap regulation, correct and ready for upload
  • Allowing you to understand & investigate your data – We will give you one-off access to Gapsquare Verify GPG to data analytics software will allow you to look across data trends and graphs to recognise key theme
  • Tailoring a gender pay gap narrative – A bespoke narrative to go alongside your figures not only complies with the legal reporting requirements, but helps you understand how you can reduce gaps and build diversity and inclusion into your work. We’ll take into consideration the effects COVID-19 has had on your business.
  • Fully designing a GPG report – The report, which can be uploaded to the UK Government’s gender pay gap portal, helps to communicate your pay gaps, explanations and strategies both internally and externally
Want to find out more?

Gapsquare brings data science to the art of developing productive, engaged and diverse teams. Gapsquare’s software helps companies analyse their HR and payroll data to understand whether and where they have gender or wider pay gaps, and provides guidance on how to narrow those gaps. Gapsquare’s software tracks employee occupations, performance, and pay, and then looks for patterns and biases across all sorts of personnel characteristics, such as gender, age, and disability.

You can learn more about the UK Gender Pay Gap Regulations here. Or read our FAQ’s here.

GenAnalytics is a research and insights consultancy focused on the application of data and analytics to drive business performance through greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They are specialists in the area of workplace diversity consultancy and communications.

GenAnalytics’ vision is to deliver greater insight and information to their clients around diversity and inclusion. Gender pay gap analysis and employee analytics are core to GenAnalytics’ business.