Gapsquare™ Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap Reporting software tailored to your needs and designed for your workplace.

Diversity and inclusion is a huge priority for organisations in 2022. Emphasising the need for confidence in discussing and managing the demands of the Gender Pay Gap and Equal Pay.

With inbuilt expertise at the click of a button, our self-use Gender Pay Gap Reporting software is tailored to your needs and designed for your workplace. With Gapsquare™ Gender Pay Gap, you can streamline pay analysis and resolve inequalities within your workforce.

Gapsquare™ Gender Pay Gap is the only solution that analyses your gender pay gap, with extraordinary reward analytics capabilities and inbuilt tailored D&I expertise, helping HR teams solve, understand and communicate pay gaps.

Features at glance

Benefits for your team

Comply with legislation

Be prepared for the deadline and meet the UK gender pay gap reporting standards with ease

Move beyond data, develop expertise

Create an action plan and focus on the right pay gap areas by accessing comprehensive insights

Adapt analysis to your needs

Measure effects of your pay gap changes with unlimited uploads and report generation.

You can track progress of your gender pay gap through the year

Save time

Reduce the resource intensive process with our easy to use dashboard, intuitive tools and integrated visualisations

Join the community

Tailored webinars and market insights to upskill your organisation around the gender pay gap

About Gapsquare

Make your EDI, parity and pay gap targets a reality with Gapsquare™ Gender Pay Gap. Gapsquare™ from XpertHR® is an award winning organisation offering global expertise in wage gap, and equity analytics.

We support you to:

  • Move from intention to impact with pay parity analytics
  • Tell positive stories with your pay & people data
  • Future-proof equity at your organisation