HR, Reward and Diversity & Inclusion during the Covid Crisis: Download the Report

A Research Study which looks at changes to HR teams and function, Reward and Compensation, and Diversity and Inclusion in the context of Covid-19

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Since the Coronavirus hit the UK in March, a lot has happened and changed for Human Resources teams.

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused some of the most radical changes to workforces in recent history. Not only have HR and Rewards teams been affected themselves, but their role in supporting employees has changed drastically too.

This ebook collates our interviews with HR professionals and external research and studies. It gives HR professionals some insight into how the sector has changed, how priorities have shifted, and how to continue focusing on fairness at work, well past the crisis.

What’s Inside

A comprehensive study, using quantitative and qualitative data to give an overview of how HR adapted to the Coronavirus pandemic, changes to business function, and how teams are likely to react going forward. The study broadly looks across the following three sections:

I. Human Resource – Changes to HR function due to the Covid Crisis and recommendation based on our survey and further research
2. Reward & Comp – Changes to reward and compensation structures and how they play into pre-existing inequalities
3. Diversity & Inclusion – How changes to the workforce have affected minority groups, how HR are reacting, and next steps
Download the Study