Hybrid Working Checklist

5 essential HR policies and guidelines for a smooth transition to hybrid working

This ‘new normal’ of hybrid working is an opportunity for employers to ensure their practices are fair and work for all employees.

This downloadable checklist helps you keep on track of the policies you have and those you don’t. Check off the essential policies and guidelines for a successful, dynamic and effective hybrid working organisation.

Why it matters

We’ve seen organisations rush to implement hybrid working without considering employee need, without speaking to managers and without considering the long-term impacts of getting it wrong.

The future of work looks diverse, flexible and employee-focused. Our downloadable and editable checklist helps you build these policies correctly from the go – so you don’t waste time working unsustainably or readjusting your processes until they’re right.

Invest in fair flexible working.

What’s inside?

  • What to include on a hybrid working policy
  • Building guidelines for managers
  • Building guidelines for employees
  • Best practice for these guidelines and policy
  • Safety and hybrid working

Download the checklist

Hybrid Working Health Check

A shift to long-term hybrid working is an opportunity to build policies correctly. How does the ‘new normal’ actually work in practice?

In collaboration with our flexible working consultant, the Hybrid Working Health Check assesses the effectiveness of your hybrid working policies, guidelines and comms. Targeted advice and actions means you’ll be able to plan, implement and review effective strategies for a happy, healthy and productive workforce.