Inclusive Leadership during Crisis

Resources to help you rebuild stronger

Key Findings from the Webinar & Attendee Survey

Reaction to Covid-19

Organisations across the world had to adapt rapidly to a fall in business activity, remote work, employee safety and mental health concerns, reduced productivity and many other financial and social pressures to people and business.

Our pre-event survey showed that 29% of respondents are looking at compulsory annual leave in the next three months, and a further 14% at redundancies. Financial growth in the recovery period will be an issue too, and 53% listed this as their main concern.

HR teams had to react rapidly to changes, and we are now beginning to see the impacts of the crisis on diversity, inclusion and fair pay.

Risk to Diversity, Inclusion & Pay Equity

Unfortunately, the vast changes to business operation are disproportionately affecting minority groups.

Understanding your workforce is essential to building an environment which is inclusive and fair for everyone – no two employees have had the same experience during the pandemic. Yet 38% of respondents don’t collect information on their employees’ care responsibilities and 30% said they didn’t have accurate data for ethnicity. We have also seen that care responsibilities often fall to women, and Public Health England research shows that BAME people are at higher risk of falling ill with Coronavirus.

You must understand your workforce, their demographic and their needs in order to authentically support them and build fairness into the future of your workforce.

Resilience: Building Back Stronger

Change can’t wait. Be proactive and rebuild towards workplace parity.

An incredible 69% of respondents said that pay equity is a priority for them, 36% have had an increase in learning and development, and 88% are communicating directly with their employees. World-leading, innovative organisations are taking this moment as an opportunity to rebuild in a way which is fair and inclusive, and works for people from all backgrounds.

Where to go next


Changes to Diversity & Inclusion in Human Resources

July 2020 – Diversity and Inclusion are at risk in the crisis – so how have teams adapted and shifted to manage this?

Our latest research study with HR professionals gives you some insight to how the sector has changed, how priorities have shifted, and how you can continue focusing on fairness at work, well past the crisis.

Live research dashboard

Workforce Management Dashboard

Our interactive dashboard looks at how companies have reacted to Covid-19, and how their changes have impacted fairness. It collates insights and trends by sector and predicts how this will change going forward, to help your organisation craft a better inclusion strategy.

Downloadable resource

Employee Survey for Returning to Work

Research shows that the Covid Crisis has exposed inequalities in the world of work. Stay up to date with employees by sending them this survey, and collecting information on personal situation and dependencies, returning to the workplace safely, continued working from home and adjustments, mental and physical wellbeing, impact on work and outputs, and how supported employees feel.

Support package

Maintain talent, minimise cost

We understand that times are hard, so we have designed a ‘pay what you can’ consultancy/analytics package to help you return to work and plan for a post-Covid future. Think ahead and make informed decisions around workforce change, so that work, business and individuals don’t have to suffer.

About Gapsquare & What we do

We want to build a world where work is fair and inclusive, where pay meets value and diverse talent thrives. We provide innovative solutions that ensure all work is fair, so that companies can focus on performance, productivity and building inclusively teams. We do this through out self-use software, our software packages, and our consultancy services. We tailor our products to best suit your organisation and its need.