Inclusive Organisations

Great policy must be embraced by leadership. Gapsquare supports the development of inclusive policies which are actioned, driven forward and show measurable success.

We believe data and monitoring can help you hone what works and move beyond what does not. Our teams have over a decade of experience turning around inclusive policies and practices that are underperforming. We believe data and monitoring can help you hone what works and move beyond what does not.

Our clients work with our Inclusive Organisation team on the following:

  • Measuring success of your policies and practices
  • Benchmarking your response to corona virus (with an emphasis on inclusion) against competitors / your industry
  • Building policy and a culture of reprioritising diversity and inclusion in the face of change
  • Minimising time waste for HR teams / diversity & inclusion teams through data
  • Redundancy / inclusion risk analysis – what will your company look like in diversity terms after redundancies are made?
Building inclusive organisations can look like:

Analysis Software

Advanced self-use software in order to:

  • Understand workforce makeup
  • See data driven recommendation to improve representation across an organisation
  • Understand and improve fair hiring process for diverse workforces
  • Compare representation and diversity locally and globally


Bespoke consultancy to support with:

  • Using data insight specific to your organisation to improve representation across all pain points
  • See and improve how hiring and promotion practices are affecting representation
  • Audit how your policies are affecting different demographic groups


Our research projects can cover:

  • Analysis around how company policy structures affect diversity and inclusion
  • Sector-specific trend analysis around attitudes to inclusivity at work
  • Studies into HR function changes over time
  • Studies into workplace equity failures and improvements on a wider scale

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