Fair Pay in the USA – Joining Gapsquare via SAP

Resources for equitable workplaces in the United States of America

Having worked with award-winning American businesses, such as Wieden and Kennedy and Pro Sports Assembly, we are now going one step further. Our app integration with SAP simplifies your journey towards achieving full equality and inclusion in the workplace.

Gapsquare Fairpay™ will help you understand and resolve wage gaps, workforce segregation, occupational inequalities and pay disparities at your company.

Aimed at current SAP Success Factor Customers, this integration provides an efficient solution for innovative companies who want to measure and monitor their wage gaps in real-time. Be proactive, not reactive.

The benefits of our Software

  Fair Wage analysis software allows you understand industry metrics within your organization

  Learn how to champion and drive equality and inclusion in the workplace

  Equal Wage analysis and audit support on a global scale

How does it work?

Our SAP Integration will empower you to make smart decisions on how to tackle your wage gap, by allowing you to pull data directly from your SAP SF HRIS system, straight into the Gapsquare application. 

This allows a seamless transfer of data with a flexible approach-pull or change data at any point in time. In addition, machine learning will remember your data labels each time you pull, making the process even simpler. 

Benefit from:

  • Data prep and transfer support
  • Team onboarding,  training and access to our comprehensive learning hub
  • Join our customer network and regular group training, alongside like-minded employers 
  • Understanding data analytics support 
  • Access to practical and up to date content, reports and templates on inclusive best practice
  • Broader consultancy and advice services from our expert team, with decades of experience in EDI / Pay analytics
  • Data security guidance and information – ISO 27001 certified
  • Optional in-house support and training
  • Optional legal advice / representation

Resources for American organizations

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