An Easy Guide to Your Smart Dashboard for PRO

An Easy Guide to Your Smart Dashboard for PRO

Tell compelling stories with your pay reports effortlessly. In just a few clicks, visualise, curate, and share pay reports in our new smart and intuitive dashboards. Experience the difference – faster and better Gapsquare Pro. And enjoy the key benefits.

Key benefits:

  • Curate your own dashboard with your company dataset in minutes
  • Customise and download charts for reporting
  • Impress your leadership team and other stakeholders with better data visualisations
  • Proactively identity any pay equity issues to enhance talent attraction and retention


Data Overview
Data Overview shows you a summary of the dataset you have previously uploaded.

When you logon to your account, your new Dashboard will appear. You can have an overview of the data you’ve uploaded and ensure you don’t miss out any data.


Key Insights
Key Insights enables you to filter insights based on your employees’ characteristics, such as Gender and Ethnicity.

You can then identify the pay gaps in terms of Job Function, Managerial Level, Grade, Location, or other domains you’d like to explore. You can also see if there’s any job function at risk for immediate attention.

You can visualise your data analysis and download various forms of charts to prepare your reports. Here’s an example of a default scatter plot line combo chart. 


    Additional Insights
    This customisable area allows you to curate your personalised dashboard and visualise your preferred insights in just a few clicks!

    Click onto the [+] or Edit button.

    The righthand pane appears for you to select insights to add.

    When the chosen insights are added, you’ll see multiple charts simultaneously. You can rearrange the tiles of insights according to your priority and interest.



    What can I see on my dashboard?

    The dashboard is split into two sections. The top section is the Key Insights section, which provides insights that are considered important*.

    For insights not available in Key Insights, you can go to the customizable Additional Insights section and can add your preferred insights.

    *For users of the additional Equal Pay Module, please understand that this section will primarily focus on equal pay for equal work.

    How do I use the Additional Insights section?

    First, click either the [+] button or the Edit button. This triggers the righthand insight pane, where you can choose what insights and graphs you would like to add onto the dashboard. Once the insights you want are added, you can change the size of each insight tile on the bottom right icon:

    How do I save the information on the dashboard?

    Your dashboard is automatically saved on the app. Additionally, all graphs on the dashboard are downloadable.

    Can I share my curated dashboard with other stakeholders?

    Currently, there is no downloadable dashboard. You may either share your screen or download graphs and create your own report. Please contact your Account Manager if you would like to discuss specific insights to meet your business needs.

    Why can’t I find the insights that I want?

    The dashboard is currently in its first development phase. We are constantly adding insights into the list and will provide updates on this. If there is a particular insight you would like to see, please contact your Account Manager for feedback to our Product team.

    Why won’t my insight tiles in the Additional Insights fit next to each other?

    The dashboard looks best on larger screens. We have developed the tile size to be dynamic so that the tiles can be fit for and shown on as many screen sizes and resolutions as possible.

    Why does my dashboard take so long to load?

    Due to the number of insights available on the dashboard, it might take longer to load for users with slower internet connections. We recommend clearing your cache before accessing the dashboard. We are improving the dashboard performance and load speed.

    If you have any questions and suggestions about the Gapsquare platform, please contact us now.

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