COVID-19: Maintain Talent, Mitigate Threat, and Minimise Cost in a Time of Crisis 

A Tailored ‘Pay What You Can’ Consultancy and Data Modelling Package to Help you Manage Workforce Change during and after the Coronavirus Crisis

As CEO and co-founder of Gapsquare, my passion is helping businesses achieve fair pay. Never before has it been more important for business leaders navigating extraordinary times. You’ll have made difficult and quick decisions to protect your business, and now we’re facing changes and economic shifts which will affect work well into the future. We want to help you make decisions in a human way, decisions focused on achieving financial stability, legal certainty and longevity, all whilst doing the right thing by your employees.” Zara Nanu, CEO

The difference between surviving and thriving in times of crisis is in your people. Strategic thinking, situation modelling and ensuring the entire workforce is on a journey that helps the company grow is essential. You need to maintain trust within your workforce.

We understand that times are hard, so we have designed a ‘pay what you can’ consultancy/analytics package to help you lead your team through the Coronavirus Crisis. This is an unique opportunity for progressive companies to think ahead and make informed decisions around workforce change, so that work, business and individuals don’t have to suffer.

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Covid Workforce Management Insights Dashboard

We have built a dashboard of insights showing live changes to the workforce as a result of #COVID19. It includes insights and trends by sector, geographic location and predictions on how this will change over time – well past the time of the crisis.
Collectively, we can use this dashboard to see how we can re-shape our workplace for a better fairer future for all companies and their employees.
  • Maintain an engaged workforce that feels valued

  • Optional Legal Guidance

  • Strengthen internal communications for difficult messages

  • Plan for people value and resilience
  • Model scenarios to be ready for big changes

  • Decrease financial risk

This package will allow improved HR decision making by:
  • Implementing forecasting and workforce modelling systems to account for rapid change
  • Adjusting to large shifts and disruption to workforce
  • Preparing for a safe return to work
  • Analysing current workforce with development of suitable simulation models on workforce and financial changes
  • Offering insights and data on productivity when adjusting to a different way of working in the long term 
  • Recommendations for continued work including possible contingency planning through data
  • A legal framework to ensure all changes are made in compliance with employment law

We know times are tough. Pay what you can.

Innovative Crisis Management is Essential

An Oxford Executive Research Centry study showed that publicly traded companies who were unable to execute recovery plans has initial losses equivalent to 11% of their capitalisation and average stock price losses of almost 15%. An innovative, extensive and data-driven simulation approach can help you avoid the same fate by planning properly for the next few months.

The Status Quo is Not an Option

60% of companies are most worried about cash in light of the coronavirus pandemic, listing their second concern as people. Yet it is these people who can help turn cash around. Bringing innovative solutions to workforce change, like the AES Corporation’s approach to transparent crisis communication, can solve issues around both people and cash, in one fell swoop.

A New Hire will cost you £30K

According to a report by Oxford Economics, it costs over £30,000 to hire a new staff member. The greatest expense, more than £25,000, comes from loss of productivity caused by the time it takes – 28 weeks on average – for a new recruit to get up to speed. Save time and money by rethinking and retaining.

Resources – Workforce Management in the Covid Crisis

Supporting Working Parents through Covid-19 Lockdown Downloadable Employee Survey

Are parents welcome in your workplace? Actions for HR teams in this lockdown

HR, Reward and Diversity & Inclusion during the Covid Crisis Ebook

Flexible Working: the policy that is implementing itself

Empowering Young Talent in the Covid Economy: Young People are Experiencing Unprecedented Times

Workforce Management through Crisis: Dashboard

A Post-Covid Working World: Employee Survey

Employer Workforce Management in Crisis Score

The Journey to a Stable Future Workforce


This is your time for input. Share data with Gapsquare around pay, people, workforces, and changing practices. We'll use our expansive data analytics software and expertise to build a comprehensive picture of how your company can continue to operate safely and efficiently.


Build various workforce models using a well-defined and logical approach. Track how changes to pay and workforce would impact company performance, income and other metrics, and make the best decisions for your company based on these results.


Ensure that your actions are fair and in keeping with the wider context but validating your outputs with stakeholders, and checking how they fit align with historical data and other benchmarking information.


Facilitate a constructive dialogue with your team and communicate how your decisions will impact individuals and the company as a whole. Ensure that both internal and external comms are clever, clear, and alleviate panic.


Continuously monitor your progress, refine your models and ensure that they are working and having the maximum positive impact. Keep reviewing your processes and adapting them as the situation changes.

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About Gapsquare

At Gapsquare, we are passionate about closing the gender pay gap, ethnicity pay gap and achieving pay transparency at work for good. To do so, we have developed easy to use software Gapsquare FairPay® which allows businesses and organisations to analyse and track pay disparity statistics and produce instant reports on equality and diversity data, ready to be presented to teams. Our ambition is to apply data science combined with insights from economics and psychology to improve decision-making in HR & the lives of workforces globally. This can optimise hiring, promotion, diversity and inclusion, and spending in rewards and incentives.

Our tech tool, backed by a team of equality and diversity experts, automates gender and ethnicity pay gap reporting and beyond, allows you to look at the impact of your pay reviews and develops equal pay audits saving hundreds of hours normally spent on analysis. We process your HR and Payroll numbers and give you in-depth knowledge around your pay gap, helping you to both comply with, and go beyond government regulations. The Gapsquare tool produces crucial recommendations, that are already supporting our clients, working with hundreds of thousands of employees, to lead on equality and diversity in their industry.