Pay Equity & Workforce Diversity Powerpoint Template

How do you communicate pay equity figures to key stakeholders?

Knowing what diversity and pay gap information to share with key stakeholders can be difficult. Drawing on years of consultancy experience, we’ve pulled together a Powerpoint template to help you get going.

It works as an outline for the key fair pay, equal pay and pay gap figures to share with stakeholders. You can plug in pay gap numbers, graphs, narrative and progress reports for your:

  • Gender pay gap
  • Race/Ethnicity pay gaps
  • Disability pay gaps

See the first few pages of the template

Why it matters

What help is pay equity analysis if you aren’t able to communicate what you’ve learnt with stakeholders?

We know transparency is important; HR and diversity teams must be able to clearly communicate this information to those who need to know. This template just gets you there quickly.

You’ll soon be able to convey the context around pay equity, your figures specifically, how the situation has developed over time and what you’re planning to do to implement sustainable and positive change.

Keep teams happy and create a culture of openness with this easy to use template

What’s inside?

A Powerpoint template, which you can download, edit and plug your numbers into to tell a clear story around pay equity in your organisation.

The powerpoint covers:

The powerpoint covers:

  • Understanding pay gaps
  • The Gender Pay Gap
  • Gender representation
  • The Race/Ethnicity Pay Gap
  • Race/Ethnicity Representation
  • The Disability Pay Gap
  • Representation of new hires
  • Changes over time
  • How we’re driving change going forward
  • Additional resources & support

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