Getting started with FairPay Pro

What you need to know in your first few days of using our software. Learn how to prepare your data for uploading, the right data to use, labelling and mapping your data within the tool.

How do I prepare my data?

Before you get started, you’ll need some data.  You will find the tool very intuitive around the type of data you have uploaded and will find that you are able to combine data that you may not have previously brought together here here.

You can upload HR and payroll data into the tool, allowing you to develop insights and intelligence instantly. Sian talks you through this process.

Do I need a data template?

No, your file needs to be in excel or CSV format but you don’t need a template. You will need your first row to be column headers, with data underneath.

How can I label / map my data within the tool?

Here Sian talks you through the process of “mapping” your data. You can skip to 1:40 to watch this section. Don’t forget to make sure that your data is correctly mapped before you start generating analysis.

What is mapping?

Correctly bringing column headers and data groupings together, making sure that essential data is included in your analysis. This ensures that software has recognised and labeled the data group correctly.

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