Donate for Data: Flexible Working – Dynamic Work Practices for Improving Diversity & Inclusion

Let’s Make 2021 A Fairer Year

To make 2021 a better year, Gapsquare is offering you our Flexible Work Research for FREE! But we ask that you (if you can!) support a not for profit by Donating for Data to help us build better workplaces in the future.

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What’s Inside?

Key Findings – The main learnings from a 2 month research project

Barriers to Flexible Work – Biases and issues to look out for

Moving on from Covid-19 Pandemic – Start thinking about the next steps

Some Best Practice – An introduction to improving flexible working policy through the employee pipeline

69% of employee’s ideal working scenario would be permanent or part-time remote working

Why download the full report

An extensive research study and guide, 37 pgs

Flexible and dynamic / dispersed working – defining flexible working in 2020

The Benefits of Flexible Working – to diversity and inclusion, employee satisfaction and productivity.

The D&I Impact of Flexible Working – The positive impact of flexiwork policies on employees of different genders, disability and ethnicities

  Covid-19 & Flexible Working – Changes to working patterns due to the pandemic, and how equity fits in. Adopting the blended approach to working

Barriers – Challenges to fair flexible working and overcoming them

Next Steps –  Extensive Best practice and key actions for fair flexible working, in recruitment, retention and progression

Employer Checklist – Start implementing fair flexible working today

Download the Report for Free
Bringing Fairness into Flexibility: Consultancy

We are working with key partners to deliver consultancy around inclusive flexible working practices. You can find out more by downloading the taster report or visiting 

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