Deliver through diversity with our longer term research studies and projects.
Anchor your work on equality and fairness with Gapsquare’s expert research team. We conduct research projects and studies based on your need.

Our research can cover:

  Pay Fairness – gender and ethnicity pay gaps, pay disparities and financial planning, with a focus on diversity and inclusion
Resilient Talent – All about people, from studies into flexible and remote working, employee wellbeing, employee satisfaction, upskilling and reskilling
Inclusive Organisations and Economies – Policies at organisational level, including studies into fair processes at work and beyond, including analysis around career progression,  workforce change and more

Previous Research

Empowering Young Talent in the Covid Economy

As companies turn to recruiting young people, inclusive practices are needed.

HR, Reward & Diversity & Inclusion in Crisis

Changes to HR teams, function, reward and D&I in the context of Covid-19

Flexible Working: Dynamic Work Practices for Improving Diversity & Inclusion

Understanding organisational opportunities in a more flexible workplace

Essential Knowledge: Closing the Gender Pay Gap

This report looks at gender pay gap in the context of contemporary intelligence.

Building: A Better Workforce

Opportunities and barriers to women in the property and construction industry

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