Fair Pay Analytics Software

Data-driven insights for closing pay gaps, achieving equal pay and embracing a diverse talent ecosystem

Fair Pay Analytics Software

Gapsquare®, from XpertHR®, is empowering organizations to measure, achieve and sustain fair pay and workplace equality in real-time. 

Advanced SaaS pay analytics technology takes the complexity out of achieving pay equity. Use your pay data to identify, understand and solve wage gaps and pipeline inequalities. Move your diversity and inclusion strategy from intention to impact today with our award-winning solutions, built by top minds in data science, labor economics, HR and legal compliance.

  • Unleash the Power of Your Pay Data

    Unleash the Power of Your Pay Data

    Identify existing pay inequities and gaps across your organisation, identify root causes of disparities to find out who, what and how to fix them.

    Sustain pay equity by monitoring progress in real-time and prevent further issues with predictive modelling and target setting aligned.

    Report using customisable and smart dashboards to help identify key priorities and build stakeholder alignment to drive progress on pay equity faster.

  • Comply with Gender Pay Legislation

    Comply with Gender Pay Legislation

    Gapsquare Comply for UK & Ireland is a self-serve gender pay gap reporting software helping you meet your reporting requirements in 3 easy steps:

    1. Upload your data
    2. See results
    3. Download report

    With inbuilt expertise and unlimited uploads, you’re in control. Discover how you can understand, monitor and close your pay gaps today.

Product Capabilities

  • Personalised Dashboards

    Personalised Dashboards

    Create personalised reports for wider stakeholder engagement. Present data according to role and responsibility, from HR to the C-Suite.

  • Pay Disparity Prevention

    Pay Disparity Prevention

    Analyze any compensation or pay action using trend analysis to proactively mitigate potential pay equity issues.

  • Scenario <br />


    Model scenarios to meet fair pay, diversity and inclusion and budget targets. Deliver on long-term strategic planning by using predictive insights.

  • AI-Powered Recommendations

    AI-Powered Recommendations

    Quickly identify and eliminate pay inequities using our automated suggestions for salary adjustments.

Key Features

  • Ground-Breaking Data Analytics

    Intelligent data analytics technology with in-app tailored pay equity expertise, helps teams to identify, understand, fix, and prevent gaps. Complex concepts become easy to understand – taking the complexity out of pay equity.

  • Time Effective

    Reduce the time, skills and resources needed to achieve pay equity, so that they can focus on what really matters.

  • Sustainable, Long-Term Solutions

    Achieve consistent and tangible change by engaging in long-term monitoring and analysis of your pay gaps.

  • Exceptional Customer Support

    Feel supported throughout your entire pay equity journey, from onboarding to implementation, our Customer Support Team are there to offer guidance and support whenever you ever need it.

  • Reputational Excellence

    Gapsquare is ISO 27001 certified and part of the RELX Group, a world leader in information-based analytics and decision tools for business professionals.

  • Established Market Presence

    Gapsquare is the trusted Pay Equity Analysis & Solutions partner for leading organisations across 4 continents, including: Conde Nast, Accenture, Wieden + Kennedy, and The Greater London Authority.

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