Supporting Ethnic Diversity at Work

Resources to Improve Pay, Equity & Inclusion for People of Colour


of Millennials and Gen Z are more likely to stay for 5 or more years if working for employers perceived to have a diverse workforce, according to a survey by Deloitte


increased likelihood of financial outperformance for ethnically diverse companies, according to McKinsey


of employers see diversity as a priority issue, according to PwC

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Getting Started with Ethnicity Pay Gap Analysis

August 2020 – In June 2020, a petition for mandatory Ethnicity Pay Gap reporting in the UK received over 100,000 signatures. We’ve seen a real push for ethnicity pay gap analysis in organisations worldwide, as a key metric for improving diversity and inclusion for People of Colour at work.

This downloadable ebook is the perfect place to get started, with tips and expert advice on improving disclosure rates, effective data collection and the best calculations based on the size of your organisation.


Supporting People of Colour at Work

August 2020 – With increased demand for better representation at work, and pressure on the UK Government to implement mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting, now is a real opportunity to create real lasting change.

This downloadable resource lists tangible actions to tackle your ethnicity pay gap, from refining your recruitment processes, to improving data collection and disclosure rates. We’ve analysed the ethnicity pay gap report of major UK companies, to provide you with some great best practice actions and next steps.

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5 Tips for Expert Ethnicity Pay Gap Analysis

July 2020 – The call for change is being demanded from all angles. As fair pay specialists, we at Gapsquare™ know that measuring pay inequality is one way to improve fairness at work. This article gives you 5 top tips to know where to begin with conducting ethnicity pay gap analysis.

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Improving Ethnic Diversity & Inclusivity for People of Colour at Work

August 2020 – This article works as a great starting point if you’re looking to support People of Colour in your organisation. It collates research and redirects to useful resources, videos and more. Learn about fair hiring and recruitment processes; progression, pipeline and positions of influence; and paying fairly and ethnicity pay gap analysis.

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