Supporting Working Parents Through Covid 19 Lockdown - Downloadable Template Employee Survey

Understand and support your employees better by asking about their childcare responsibilities. Share this downloadable and editable survey with your teams

In the UK, parents are rapidly adapting to the need to homeschool primary and secondary school-age children. Gapsquare’s investigation has shown that parents can sometimes see no way to balance full time work and homeschooling that doesn’t include requesting to be furloughed or downgrading / leaving their roles. In the USA 800,000 of the 1.1 million employment leavers between August and September last year were women. Lack of proper support, lower relative wages when compared to partners coupled with care demands can be truly world-changing. The cost of this for companies in terms of recruitment, retention and company culture is almost immeasurable. 

There are some incredible examples of how companies can support parents at this time, and doing so could have a long term positive impact on your workplace. However, initially, we all need to know who needs our help within a company. Identifying risk will involve asking employees if they are experiencing extra pressure at present and how we can help.

This quick survey for employers to put to parents / employees with caring demands either directly or via line managers, should take 5 – 10 minutes to complete and will gauge what an appropriate response by your company would look like. 

Answers should be shared, when the employee agrees to this, with those responsible for organising support / mentoring / group formation. The appropriate privacy standards should be applied based on your organisation’s experience and regulations.

Available in both word and excel

What’s Inside

The survey covers the following sections:

  • About employee
  • About employee household
  • About employee dependants
  • About employee caring responsibilities
  • About the impact on the employee and their work
  • About employee wellbeing
  • About how the employer can better support the employee

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Fair Reward & Compensation – Pay

Pay and reward are at the crux of employee retention and satisfaction. Employees that feel they are being paid unfairly are more likely to leave, disengage, or experience low productivity. 

Right now we need to be developing clear pay policies with fairness in mind, and, crucially, communicating these.

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Resilient Talent – People

Keeping employees content, active and engaged at this time of budget costs is crucial.

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Great policy must be embraced by leadership. Gapsquare supports the development of inclusive policies which are actioned, driven forward and show measurable success.

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