Press Release: Tech Pioneers Collaborate to Expand Fair Pay Down Under

With Equal Pay and Gender Pay Gap Reporting Legislation springing up across the globe, two tech innovators join forces to expand equality practices far and wide.

Equality innovator Gapsquare today announce their collaboration with Kudos Web, an expert web development and AI company, in order to bring fair pay analytics and practices to Australia and New Zealand.

The two tech companies are uniting to grow Gapsquare across this new region. The signing of an exclusive regional representation agreement means Gapsquare’s flagship product FairPay Pro®, which automates pay gap and equal pay analysis, will be taking pay equality to a new continent.

With an increasing global demand for fair pay and gender pay gap reporting support, and legislation mirroring that of the UK in both New Zealand and Australia, the partnership has come at the ideal time. 

Dr. Zara Nanu, CEO of Gapsquare, said: ‘We are pleased to partner with Kudos, and to learn from their 20 years of experience working with companies across the region. Their knowledge of this ecosystem will help companies keep up to date with legislative changes, and adapt and grow as culture shifts.’

Adam Berry, CEO of Kudos Web, adds: ‘Conversations around pay equity and pay gaps are growing in New Zealand and Australia, and rightly so. Kudos’ core value is that technology is for the good of us all, so the news that the companies we work with will be able to utilise innovative tech to simplify complex calculations and to equip them with the power to create change is really exciting.

‘Gapsquare’s diversity and inclusive expertise paired with Kudos’ tech knowledge makes this venture very exciting for the countries’ fair pay progress.’

We develop software that will revolutionise how you measure and end pay gaps in your company. Generate gender pay gap reports, ethnicity pay analysis, equal pay audits and beyond at the touch of a button.

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