Gender Pay Gap Reporting- The Power of Narrative

What will you take away from this webinar:

● How to identify and collect the right data: What crucial data does reporting require and what data is needed to go beyond compliance?

● Creating a long and short-term action plan: The importance of a time-bound and target driven plan and how it works in the long-term

● Understanding the trends and wider context: What’s happening in the world of pay gap reporting and what data is needed to build a stronger picture of the gender pay gap and pay inequalities generally?

● Chances to engage and get involved: If you have any burning questions about the gender pay gap and how best to close it, you can ask the experts through polls and a panel discussion. Come armed with questions.

By the end of the webinar you will have a better understanding of gender pay gap reporting and moving beyond the minimum in your use of data, along with practical solutions and insights into how committing to the four pledge areas of Working Forward can help close your pay gap.

Unique Webinar about the power of narrative with GPG

Working Forward members and special guests were invited to join the Equality and Human Rights Commission and Gapsquare for a practical online discussion about how supporting pregnant women and new parents and having the right data can help close your gender pay gap.

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Ever wondered what Gender Pay Gap and Equal Pay legislation is in place in different countries? Want to learn about the regulations in your neighbouring country? Or where you might have partner organisations?

It’s important to keep an eye on legislation around the globe and note how it corresponds to international pay gaps if we strive to create an optimised and fairer world of work.

Gapsquare have collated information about legislation for Equal Pay and Gender Pay Gaps in countries around the world. Download this free resource to find out more.

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