Thought Leaders from Across the Globe on Rethinking Employment in Crisis

Though right now almost all international travel has come to a halt, we still have a lot to learn from our friends and partners overseas. We have the opportunity to expand our knowledge and look at how others are leading in a time of crisis.

We’re speaking with employment law experts from across the globe to help employers understand the latest developments in the Covid Crisis. As well as sharing their insights and their country’s unique perspective, these thought leaders answer the questions you submit and recommend the best next steps to mitigate damage and plan for change.

Gapsquare’s team of diversity & inclusion and HR experts speak with lawyers from India, America and France, in the clear and helpful videos you can find below.

India-16th April

How are employers in India reacting in an agile way to the coronavirus?

Today Gapsquare VP Partnerships & Growth Sian Webb speaks with employment lawyer at BTG Legal, Anvitaa Pattani. They cover:

  • What does lockdown look like for India?
  • Safety measures and ensuring employees’ immediate wellness
  • Were employers prepared?
  • Supply chain management and workforce changes
USA-15th April

Employment Law in the USA in the context of Coronavirus is complex and shifting. Here Gapsquare CEO Zara Nanu and Partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Marina Tsatalis talk:

  • Adapting to a shifting legal picture
  • The ins and outs of embracing change
France-9th April

Gapsquare CEO Zara Nanu speaks with Maud Parssegny – Employment Lawyer, Osborne Clarke France, about the French Employment Law perspective in the wake of Covid. They discuss:

  • France’s Partial Activity mechanisms
  • Enforce paid leave & the importance of taking a break
  • Avoiding dismissals
  • Opportunities offered by our current situation

Take a step into the French context and learn how employers are using bonuses to reward employees who are experiencing challenges or would benefit from recognition at this time.

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