UK Gender Pay Gap Legislation – An Update for 2021

On 14th December 2020, the UK government updated the gender pay gap legislation guidance. We want to let you know what we have taken away from this at present. The update is short and sweet and more details can be found here.

  • If furloughed employees are not on full pay, then don’t include them in your analysis of the 2020 snapshot date (31 March most public authority employers, 5 April private, voluntary and all other public authority employers).

  • However, nothing changes in terms of your number of employees, you are still an employer with over 250 employees, even if half of your employees are furloughed and are still required to report.
  • Reporting without furloughed employees will mean that your numbers represent a much smaller workforce. This will mean that these figures cannot accurately be compared to previous year.
  • This being the case, Gapsquare recommends that you also conduct an analysis including your furloughed employees. This will give you a much more comparative idea of your numbers.

We are open to answering your questions at Gapsquare and are considering putting together a small event considering these changes and discussing individual applications to these changes.

Please get in touch if this sounds useful to you, or if you have any questions about the changes to Gender Pay Gap reporting. 

Download the Government Equalities Office Documents:

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