Gapsquare™ Gender Pay Gap

Check your Gender Pay Gap calculations to ensure accuracy, validity and compliance

Exclusive 2020 Offer: Fast-Track Gender Pay Gap Package

Temporary access to Gapsquare™ Gender Pay Gap. UK Compliant Gender Pay Analytics and a Report Designed For You

Join Gapsquare™ & partners GenAnalytics for this unique package enabling all your UK gender pay gap analytics, narrative development and reporting. The UK Gender Pay Gap Legislation can seem complicated, so we have made it simple, offering you:

  • Data Analytics compliant with Gender Pay Gap regulations
  • Pay gap headline figure calculation and verification
  • Comprehensive narrative writing around your gender pay gap data
  • Report design and development ahead of the deadline
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Gapsquare™ Gender Pay Gap Software

Need to check that your gender pay gap data is correct, complies with legislation and will stand up to public and internal scrutiny? Our Verify package is for you.

We understand the rising pressures to report your Gender Pay Gap quickly and accurately, and have seen how damaging misreporting is for companies.

Whether you’re checking your figures or want a quick-fix to Gender Pay Gap reporting, the Verify Package provides instant figures and analysis, with the option of additional consultancy for maximum impact. Then you can focus on implementing the strategies which catalyse change.

Verify your Figures

Guarantee that the figures you report are correct, to avoid reporting inaccurately and suffering reputational risk.

Comply with Legislation

Instantly get the headline figures needed to comply with gender pay gap reporting legislation.

Break Down and Visualise

See your data represented in downloadable charts and graphs

Understand the Problems

Pick up on problem areas by intersecting your data by location, job level, and other data points

Focus on Strategy

Utilise saved time to focus on implementing strategies to catalyse change

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Are you interested in complying with legislation quickly and easily?

What we do

At Gapsquare™ from XpertHR®, we are passionate about closing the gender pay gap, ethnicity pay gap and achieving pay transparency at work for good. To do so, we have developed easy to use software Gapsquare™ Pro, which allows businesses and organisations to analyse and track pay disparity statistics and produce instant reports on equality and diversity data, ready to be presented to teams. Our ambition is to apply data science combined with insights from economics and psychology to improve decision-making in HR & the lives of workforces globally. This can optimise hiring, promotion, diversity and inclusion, and spending in rewards and incentives.

Our tech tool, backed by a team of equality and diversity experts, automates gender and ethnicity pay gap reporting and beyond, allows you to look at the impact of your pay reviews and develops equal pay audits saving hundreds of hours normally spent on analysis. We process your HR and Payroll numbers and give you in-depth knowledge around your pay gap, helping you to both comply with, and go beyond government regulations. The Gapsquare™ Pro and Gapsquare™ Gender Pay Gap tools produce crucial recommendations, that are already supporting our clients, working with hundreds of thousands of employees, to lead on equality and diversity in their industry.

You can learn more about the UK Gender Pay Gap Regulations here. Or read our FAQ’s here.